After wandering the world of graphic design for quite a few years ... DEES rediscovered his love for drawing and painting and decided to make that his main focus. He still works as freelance graphic designer and this graphic background is strongly present in his paintings.

For DEES inspiration is everywhere, however the main inspiration for his work are the lyrics of Hip Hop songs. With these lyrics as guides, DEES collects visual material to fit the topics he wants to get across in his paintings.

Frequently returning topics in his work are the influence of media on people, daily life and rituals, social responsibility, the multicultural society, humanity, religion, status. These topics are always approached from a Hip Hop perspective.

At first sight DEES work could appear to be all about the admiration/worship of Hip Hop heroes, however an attentive viewer sees more. His work has several layers. The represented artists for example refer to the albums and songs from where DEES obtains his inspiration. The artists are placed in situations surrounded by images of other people, plants, animals or objects that represent family members, friends, love relations, and memories which relate to these songs.

Just as Hip Hop is characterized by itís collage like use of music and sound fragments (samples), DEES works as a visual sampling machine. Elements of record covers are combined with images from his sketchbook, photo-archive, picture postcards, magazines, nature and art books etc.

DEES working method sometimes leads to strongly graphic images reminding of flyers or record sleeves. Other work tends to be more photorealistic and sometimes a three dimensional installations arises, however there is one thing these works have in common:

They are always Hip Hop related.